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In 2014, we pursued our expressive passion for outerwear fashion as we launched M.A. Skinz for a skyrocketing debut. Our brand focused on creating nonchalant glamourous garments that can easily elevate our consumers’ daily style. Our luxurious garments have been established as a staple in outerwear fashion as we pride on using top-quality  cutting edge materials for  all our outer-shell palette such as Premium  Italian Lamb Leather and premium Italian Suede  which  both come in  a full colour palette. M.A Skins also carries garments made with  water resistant Gortex, Polyester, Neoprene, Cotton, Cashmere, Tweed & Wool.  We also carry Luxurious  furs coats made out of prestige Canadian  fox, mink, sheared beaver  and many  more. We also offer a beautiful everyday selection of vegan furs.

Nonetheless, our close relationships with our clients allows us to provide the genuine customer service our clientele deserves. Our small group of employees carefully and meticulously examine every product in our inventory to assure deliverance of perfection. Individuality is a grand part of our brand recognition. Designed by Malek Alaumary, a young entrepreneur who had an eye for trendy fashion statements from a young age. At first, he focused mainly on perfecting his Men’s collection for his company at the time called OverCz. It was  when Deziree Gauthier joined the company, that they became the dynamic duo behind M.A. Skinz creating and perfecting both Men and Women Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall collections. Gauthier was never one of the crowds, standing out and tracing a path for fashion was her forte. The company’s flourishment was the evident outcome of their joined forces. The M.A. Skinz family grows daily as we allow our custom-wear clientele to have a sense of direct approachability to the brand as they integrate their style and unique perspective on garments we create for them. This personalized aspect of our brand creates an experience that brings our customers back for more.

M.A. Skinz is proudly concomitant with the Canadian Fur Association of Canada. We take pride in laboring all our products in Canada. We believe in the Fur is Green movement that ensures animal welfare of this natural renewable resource. The Furs that we use are always abundant and never from endangered species. The furs and materials are organic or farm-raised and are produced with high-accountability and sustainability.